raw tune for dis fucker (unavividavis) wrote,
raw tune for dis fucker


Plans have just been made to begin work on a night of debauchery (possibly in the theme of a masked/costume ball) in the spirit of Halloween - tentatively on October 21st.

This show will be either a partial or full benefit for my friend Sydney, who is in need of medical care but presently has no way to pay for x-rays, possible surgery, etc.

The main idea is a full night of burlesque. To break it up a little, we are also in need of bands, DJs, and other ridiculous acts.

We need:

+ A show space (all ages)
+ More people for the burlesque troupe
+ Music! - Bands, DJs, etc
+ Possibly help with stage and general space decoration
+ People to help with flyer distribution

I am very serious about this event. If things go moderately well, the night will be extremely entertaining. If things go very well, a wonderful person will be able to get her skeleton reattached.

Please forward all ideas, requests, submissions, etc. to me for the time being.
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