raw tune for dis fucker (unavividavis) wrote,
raw tune for dis fucker


This day has had really bad points then relatively good points then a horrible point.

Bikes were stolen, which I noticed right before I went to work.

I got hit by a car on the bike ride home from work. Plowed over by a taxi while I was crossing on a crosswalk - totally had the right of way and the asshole clearly didn't look before powering into the intersection. I am slightly shaken and my knees and wrists hurt.

Tallboy is still stolen, but McD rescued The Indifference Engine from random kids who stole it. Please keep a lookout for Tallboy.

I got tattoo equipment, then realized the packages were still missing really important things.

I bought a cheap bike off of Craigslist for our neighbor and helped her put new parts on her old small road bike. She is happy, even though the bike is still in need of work.

My friend is in a lot of pain and all I want is for her to be not hurt by people and to be happy. I hope she will be okay someday.

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