raw tune for dis fucker (unavividavis) wrote,
raw tune for dis fucker

How to eat shit on a bicycle for fun and profit

So last night Iris, Karen and I were biking to Strangers With Candy (sorry KT I will still go with you).

20 feet from the house, I switch hands on my handlebars after swerving a little and grab hard with my right hand. Unfortunately, grabbing that wide means you grab your brake lever and clamp it down. Unfortunately, that means you go SAILING over your handlebars, onto your teeth and face and knees.

I have never heard a noise like that before - teeth hitting asphalt muffled by my lips, hearing the noise inside my head. I was immediately worried that I knocked a tooth out, since I have always been self-conscious of my teeth and I even just got them cleaned two days ago. All the adrenaline made everything feel like nothing, except for the big hole in my lip from my tooth. I made sure my tooth was just slightly wiggly and tasted more of my own blood than I care for. Iris assured me that she's hit her teeth before and slightly wiggly is okay. We went inside and I bloodied up a dish towel and then we were on our way anyway.

The movie was good but sort of drawn out. I got to look like an asshole in front of a lot of cute people. Having road rash on your face does not make one super confident.


Iris and I had planned on going on a special just us pirate ride to the beach, but it was too hot and we had fun inside until the movie. But we had dressed up just to go to the movie because why the hell not? We realized Pirates of the Caribbean 2 wasn't even playing, so it was even funnier.

But yeah. I can't eat on the right side of my mouth. I would love so much to get Ethiopian food right now that I can barely explain it. If anyone has a car and is willing to go with me, I would give them pretty much anything.

I don't think I'll be able to make it to much this weekend if I have to bike - my knees are pretty much 100% bruise right now.

Pictures when I get home.
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