raw tune for dis fucker (unavividavis) wrote,
raw tune for dis fucker

"How do you turn that thing?"

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Crappy Photoshop of a bike I'd like to build. Didn't include what the chainline would look like since I'm lazy. Would have a tandem on the bottom, some other bike on top of the front, and whatever on the back. If it's built for one person, the top back can consist of supports. It could also be a two person bike, with one person on the back bottom, but the chainline might get in the way. Just used Schwinns because the images had blank backgrounds, however I do like Schwinn cruisers and think they'd be ideal for sturdiness and style.

Problems would likely be weight, overall length, chain length and turning, but whatever. And I know - Deeds Not Words, but I just figured I'd post my idea first.
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